Live Abundantly.

Our Reason Why:

When we look at the world we live in today, we see the human population being negatively impacted by many variables that affect everyday life.

With the overabundance of GMO foods, chemically polluted water, over saturation of blue light toxicity, massive accumulation of extremely low frequencies (ELF’s), airborne illnesses, the lack of minerals in the food supply and the barrage of negative news on media platforms; most can agree that all of our immune systems and overall health have been impacted and need to be cared for and supported.

As the world shifts its focus towards health and wellness due to the heightened impact of global catastrophes and pandemics, it’s clear that our family, friends and elders need to be provided with real and trustworthy life extension solutions.

Everything we experience in our life depends entirely on the quality of health we are in.  A healthy body requires a healthy mind and a healthy mind requires a healthy environment. When we incorporate health and wellness into our lives correctly, we will naturally have more opportunities to create happiness in our lives and in the lives of those we love.

This is what we have created with MOM’s.

What is MOM Approved Wellness?

MOM stands for Mind Over Matter.

At MOM’s we believe that nature has provided us with a world of abundance and that when people apply a lifestyle in harmony with the principles of nature, good health and happiness are the natural result.

We created MOM Approved Wellness as a way to incorporate the supreme healing elements of nature into the environments we spend the majority of our time in such as our homes and offices.

MOM Approved Wellness is a movement that will revolutionize the way we go about creating personal and generational empowerment.

We don’t just believe it, science has proven it to us and now you have the opportunity to experience the truth for yourself.

What makes MOM Approved Wellness superior?

At MOM’s we’ve fused together the most powerful healing components that the sciences of Epigenetic's, Herbology, Psychology, Biochemistry and Quantum Physics have to offer.

Applying these sciences in combination with nature’s most potent bioavailable supplementation, in a specially enhanced environment, while we provide customized lifestyle guides, allows for anyone from any walk of life to enhance their physical, mental, and emotional health to the highest levels.

With our spaces enhanced with mankind’s most cutting edge physical and psychological technologies our clients experience an environment that:

  Eliminates All Harmful Radiation Indefinitely

  Stimulates Rapid Cellular Regeneration

  Helps Release Negative Belief Systems

  Cultivates and Maintains Peak Performance

  Creates Healthy Addictions to Fuel Your Lifetime Goals


What are the ways MOM Approved Wellness can enhance your life?

With every aspect of your life from the air you breathe, to the water you drink, the food you eat, the supplements you take, the smells, sounds, and colors you experience daily being specially curated to your genes and wellness goals, you are sure to experience real results.

With the best quality of all these things in your space you will have everything you need to create and sustain peak mental and physical performance.

Key benefits of having a MOM Approved environment include:

Significantly Enhanced Sleep Time

  Enhanced Mental Functioning

Elimination of Physical Pain

  Enhanced Physical Abilities

  Easy Access to Full Body Diagnostic Scans

Our goal at MOM Approved Wellness is to provide you with the tools and techniques needed to help you feel, look and operate from a renewed and optimal state. Rest assured that your health and wellness goals will be met when working with us.


at or at 340-277-2384 to schedule your first consultation that will open the gateway to a healthier new you.