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What You'll Learn In This 10 Lesson Course:


Learn how to condition your mind for health and success using all holistic healing sciences.


Get expert instruction on how to initiate regeneration and make it a sustainable process in the body.


Learn how to transform your inner and 
outer environment for complete healing.

This self-guided course will teach you:

  • How dis-ease is reversed and how to heal your body naturally
  • How to initiate regeneration and make it a sustainable process 
  • How to condition your mind for health and success 
  • How to naturally detox your body WITHOUT HERBS 
  • How to transition to a plant-based lifestyle & eat for your Haplotype 
  • How to identify the foods that are good for you 
  • How to transform your environment for healing 
  • How to use breathing to change your biochemistry 
  • How to exercise without creating long-term damage 
  • How to eat for longevity and high energy 
  • Where to source your herbal products & food 
  • Where to source your water and how to drink it 
  • What are the best all-natural herbs to use and when 
  • What to consume during your detox and afterward 
  • How to easily grow your food with 400% more minerals 
  • How to make the most potent water on planet Earth in your home
You will learn how to integrate all the elements of healthy living into your life which include:
Emotional Wellness - Understanding how the mind creates health 
Circadian Rhythm - Understanding how to align with powerful cycles 
Environment - Understanding how positive and negative ions create health 
Biodiversity - Understanding how the elements are needed to create health 
Air Quality - Understanding how to to maximize the health of your air 
Breathing - Understanding how breathing can be used to create health 
Enzymes - Understanding how enzymes work and where to source them 
Sunlight - Understanding why light is a food source and how to get it
Minerals - Understanding the role of minerals and how they interact 
Exercise - Understanding all the functions and forms of exercising
Water - Understanding EVERYTHING about water to create health

Mind, Body & Health Mastery

Create a sustainable community and generational health and wealth by learning how to heal the body naturally in an easy-to-follow and learn course.

This course is the foundation for generational wealth. It’s a guiding compass that you can pass on to your family, friends, and your children to help them know how the body works and what they need to do to heal themselves and live in wellness.
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What You'll Get In This Course
This course is your answer to understanding how the mind, water, breathing, nutrition, exercise, sleep and environment all work together to shape your health and what you can do to live a healthy life using these principles.
You Get:
10 Video Courses plus its corresponding audio source for easy on the go listening 
10 Complete Health Protocols to support your learning experience 
Step by Step Video Instructions on easy lifestyle practices to incorporate into your daily life 
Additional Supportive E-Book Materials to create deep comprehension on all topics covered
Additonal Reference Material to have undenialbe verification on the information 
Unlimited Question & Answer for 3 Months 
1 Full Bioresonance Total Body Scan to help you gain a full perspective on your current wellness levels 
PLUS Access to the Community that will allow you to connect with people on the same path as you learn, experience, and integrate all the elements of healthy living into your life

You learn the answers on how to adapt your lifestyle to one of health, wellness, and abundance by simplifying the practices, tools, and techniques to heal your body beyond the use of herbs and diet only.

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Experience practical, hands-on learning, ensuring you not only understand the art of self-healing but can apply it effectively for lasting health and well-being.

This Course Is For You If:

You are ready to make the health transition naturally without expensive herbs and strict diets. 

You are ready to address your weight concerns, as the pounds seem impossible to come off.

You are ready to take control of your health and come off medications you believe you have to take forever. 

You are ready to tackle your illness head-on and lessen the symptoms or even reverse it. 

You are ready to experience more energy and clarity without having to depend on coffee, tea, or energy drinks. 

You are ready to restore your self-confidence and no longer be ashamed of your natural body.

You are ready to learn once and for all how to heal the body and end all the confusion that comes with so many conflicting sources.

Why Choose This Self-Healing Course?

  1. Empower Yourself: Learn powerful self-healing techniques that put the control back into your hands. No more dependency on external remedies; discover how to heal yourself from within.
  2. Expert Guidance: Our course is curated by leading experts in self-healing and holistic wellness. Benefit from their years of experience and wisdom as they guide you step-by-step on this transformative path.
  3. Comprehensive Curriculum: From ancient healing practices to cutting-edge methodologies, our course covers a diverse range of self-healing approaches. You'll have a toolkit of practices to suit your unique needs.
  4. Practical Application: We emphasize hands-on learning and practical application. You won't just learn theories; you'll master the art of self-healing through interactive exercises and real-life scenarios.
  5. Community Support: Connect with like-minded individuals on the same journey as you. Our vibrant community is a source of inspiration, encouragement, and shared growth.
Course Bonuses Include:
Access To Private Membership Group 
(1yr Basic Membership $480 Value) 
Information is one thing but integration is completely different. Making something a part of your life requires creating an environment that supports the elements you are attempting to incorporate. To help you maximize the impact of the priceless information you get from this course we are giving you instant access to the Holistic Genius Community.

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The time to invest in your well-being is now. 
Enroll in the self-healing mastermind course today and embark on a life-changing adventure towards a healthier, happier you.
Meet Your Teacher
Mikhael - The Holistic Jedi
A true embodiment of the transformative power of holistic healing, Mikhael started his journey at the young age of 13 after having healed himself from asthma. A few years later he healed himself again from a complex viral load which ignited a lifelong passion for helping others achieve optimal well-being through holistic healing. 

In 2019, he co-founded God Body Organics, a visionary platform dedicated to sharing wisdom, tools, and resources that empower individuals to tap into their inner power and make choices that nourish their mind, body, and spirit. Mikhael's personal experience and 13 years of deeply studying holistic wellness drive his commitment to foster a community that embraces a holistic approach to well-being.

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  • 10 video courses plus its corresponding audio source for easy on-the-go listening

  • 10 Complete Health Protocols to support your learning experience

  • Step by Step video instructions on powerful lifestyle practices to incorporate into your daily life

  • Additional supportive ebook materials to expand your comprehension on topics taught

  • Unlimited Question & Answer for 3 Months

  • 1 Full Bioresonance Total Body Scan to help you gain a full perspective on your current wellness levels

  • Access to our private community forum for networking and mutual empowerment

  • Exclusive product discounts from the God Body Organics shop

A Small Investment for A Lifetime of Health, Wealth & Abundance.

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Are you tired of relying on quick fixes and temporary solutions for your body's ailments? Imagine being able to tap into your body's innate healing abilities and embark on a journey of full body wellness. 

Your body knows how to heal itself. This online course teaches you how to reverese chronic conditions such as, reproductive issues, nervous system disorders, digestive disorders, skin conditions, mineral deficiency, autoimmune disease, heavy metal toxicity, chemical exposure, parasites, weight changes, hormonal imbalance, inflammatory conditions, blood sugar imbalance, medical treatment recovery, yeast/candida, viruses, chronic fatigue & many more.

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How Will This Course Change My Life?

Learning how to heal the body from a whole-body "holistic" perspective will transform your life and relationship with healing. By addressing root causes rather than symptoms, you'll experience lasting well-being. The 10 video courses and corresponding audio sources provide a comprehensive understanding of the interconnectedness of body, mind, and emotions, empowering you to make informed decisions about your health.

The 8 Complete Health Protocols and step-by-step video instructions offer practical tools for incorporating powerful lifestyle practices into your daily routine. This holistic approach nurtures not only physical health but also mental and emotional well-being, fostering balance and harmony. Engaging with supportive ebook materials and unlimited Question & Answer sessions deepens your connection with your body, making you an active participant in your healing journey.

Beyond individual growth, this course builds a supportive community of like-minded individuals on the quest for health and vitality. Joining this community provides encouragement, understanding, and a shared sense of purpose, making the healing journey collaborative and uplifting. Embrace this approach, and experience a profound shift in self-awareness and empowerment. Your life will be forever changed as you cultivate a balanced, vibrant, and harmonious existence through this transformative journey of healing and understanding your body.

What's Incldued In The Course?

When you choose our self-healing course, you'll gain access to a comprehensive learning experience that includes 10 video courses, accompanied by corresponding audio sources for easy on-the-go listening. Alongside these, we offer 8 Complete Health Protocols carefully designed to support your learning journey.

Our step-by-step video instructions will guide you through powerful lifestyle practices that you can seamlessly incorporate into your daily life, empowering you to take charge of your well-being. To deepen your understanding, we provide additional supportive ebook materials, expanding your comprehension on the various topics taught throughout the course. 

You won't have to walk this path alone – our course includes unlimited Question & Answer sessions for six months, giving you ample opportunity to seek clarification and guidance from our expert instructors. And that's not all! As a participant, you'll gain exclusive access to our Community, connecting you with like-minded individuals who share the same pursuit of learning, experiencing, and integrating all the elements of healthy living into their lives. Together, you'll find inspiration, encouragement, and mutual support on this transformative journey to optimal health and vitality.

What Subjects Am I Learning In The 10 Lessons?

The deeply informative subjects covered in the 10 lessons are 
Lesson 1: The Mind
Lesson 2: The Water of Life 
Lesson 3: The Breath of Life 
Lesson 4: The Lymphatic System 
Lesson 5: Environment 
Lesson 6: Emotional Healing 
Lesson 7: Food & Nutrition 
Lesson 8: Physical Exercise 
Lesson 9: Biodiversity 
Lesson 10: Biological Time Clock

When Does The Course Start And Finish?

This is a self-guided course. Once you complete your purchase you receive access to the course. As you complete one lesson, you can advance to the next one. The pace at which you complete each lesson is soley up to you and your desire to complete the course. Unlimted questions and support are only available for 3 months after you complete your purchase.

How Long Can I Access The Course For?

You will have lifetime access to the course and materials plus any updates.

What If I Have Any Questions During The Course?

Our leading expert can answer questions for the first three months after your purchase. However, you will have access to the community group where you can ask the community an infinite amount of questions even after the three months period.

About God Body Organics

We envision a future where people embrace their innate ability to bring about abundance, health, and wealth for themselves, their loved ones, and future generations. Our purpose is to be a catalyst for this change, providing products, programs, and services that empower individuals to awaken their intelligent, knowledgeable God Body, and live in harmonious alignment with nature.