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Top-Rated Herbal Supplements

Meticulously researched and carefully sourced, every ingredient undergoes expert extraction and masterful blending. Achieve perfect herbal tradition with our exceptional herbal supplements.

exclusive herbal tinctures

Experience the goodness of nature with finely crafted herbal tinctures. Nourish your body with essential minerals and vitamins, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

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Mastermind Welllness Course

“My health has changed tremendously to the better I have no more gut issues, my brain Fogg has disappeared with all the neurological issues plus ton of other symptoms I've had (allergy's, leaky gut, inflammation everywhere, shortness of breath, Numbness, no sense of taste, constipation and the list goes on) and it has not came back! I have never felt more connected to nature, god and my own being than I have now. I am continuing to detox because I love how I feel. This is not just a detox it's a deep spiritual healing journey Thank you for making this possible with this space and a community like this.”

Cinthia B.

20 Day Group Detox

“ I felt amazing!!!!! There is no doubt that you have superior quality products.”

Erika T.

Herbal Supplements

"Great day coach. I know you are busy...Just wanted to shout you out on this lymph course. It's just full circle and I haven't gotten to part 2 yet. Starting that now. Thank you! This shyt is life altering!"

Bruce J.

Mastermind Wellness Course

“Tried other Seamoss, but this infused Seamoss is on another level. You don't need to use much to create batches of it. Small pieces grow to become pretty big. Noticeable changes in increase of focus and energy.”

Matthew S.

Raw Seamoss

"Bio resonance scans are the truttthhhh" 


Total Body Scan

"I had to share this because I'm seriously amazed! I've been on a mission to improve my nail health for ages, and nothing seemed to work until I found these Super Greens. My nails used to be weak, peeling, and slow to grow. But since I started taking these greens regularly, the difference is noticiable and  incredible. Not only are my nails growing faster, but they are actually strong and not breaking every five minutes. Plus, it's just a bonus that it's full of good stuff for my overall health too. I'm hooked! If you've been struggling with nails like me, do yourself a favor and give these Super Greens a try. They really work wonders!”

Crystal G.

Herbal Supplements

“Loss 25 pounds on the detox and lots of inches from my waist.”

Ebony L.

20 Day Group Detox

“So far i am well pleased with everything,ordering and shipping was great.”

Marvin H.

Herbal Supplements

"I have to share my experience with the Brain Boost supplement because it's been a total game changer for me. I was constantly feeling mentally drained and struggling to stay focused. I came across it and decided to try it. Let me tell you, I'm so glad I did! This stuff is like magic in a bottle. After taking it for a few weeks, I noticed a significant improvement in my concentration and memory. It's like my brain fog vanished, and I could think clearer than ever before. I love that it's made with natural ingredients and doesn't give me any jitters or crashes like coffeee usually does. If you need a little brain boost, trust me, this is the real deal!”

Gena M.

Herbal Supplements

"This detox changed my life Not only did I learn to change my ways of eating but I changed my way of thinking COMPLETELY! I was emotionally clouded & mentally I was in a low space trying to balance my grief. I would just put on & show good face externally because I felt I had to. I was putting everything & everyone before my health. I appeared to be fine but really I was imploding. I'm not new to detox but have never done one quite like this. My heart just felt so full & my mind was so open after completing god body detox. The whole experience was true LOVE"


20 Day Group Detox

"I'm currently in the godbodyorganics 20 day detox and the information/resources that have been shared are truly life changing. The herbs are top notch. We are (the individuals on the detox) so motivated to change our lives for the better. You will not regret joining this detox group. It's been extremely inspiring!!!"


20 Day Group Detox

"Great Quality Moss Thank you for this wonderful product. I love the scent. You can tell its from a good source. Gives you energy as well."

Makeida P.

Raw Seamoss

"The most beautiful healing journey I've had the pleasure of being apart of This experience so far has been life changing. I am learning so much about myself and healing. To be guided in such a way is truly a gift worth more than any amount of money could offer. To think that I almost didn't join this group detox makes me certain that I was led here by the Creator himself. I am beyond blessed and thankful to have this opportunity."

Sierra O.

20 Day Group Detox

"Extremely grateful to become a part of this. I've seen tremendous change, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I'm contemplating if I should transition over to a fully raw diet due to beneficial change. I feel WAY more energized than before, more at peace, more confident. still minor personal issues I'm hoping to heal. Cheers to healing."

Kaylan D.

20 Day Group Detox

"I felt called to do this cleanse for months leading up to getting the nudge that it was time. I knew this experience will be deeply spiritual as much as it would be physical and it absolutely has been! In a beautiful way, I not only shed from my phy"sical body, but cleared out things in the mental and spiritual space. Yes, I lost weight from my body but over the 20 days, I noticed thought processes falling away. Old connections that I didn't know were still tied a bit. My senses sharpened even more and I had the space to be even more mindful and intentional about what I take in. Conversations, energy of places and people, everything. I focused on embracing the experience, in on the few days when I desired comfort in what I was consuming but I found it in tapping in higher. Not only are we guided by Mikael, but there is a full community of beautiful souls who are also sharing and supporting each other."

Asia L.

20 Day Group Detox


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I Am Ready To Reverse My Disease Or Illness, Where Do I Start?

Congratulations on taking this empowering step towards reclaiming your health and vitality!
You're embarking on a remarkable journey, and we've got the perfect options to support you at every stage. For those warriors who are ready to dive deep and blaze their own path to healing, the Mastermind Wellness Course is your ultimate gateway to transformation. It's a powerhouse of knowledge, tools, and guidance that'll empower you to reverse disease and embrace optimal well-being on your terms.

If you're eager to conquer your challenges but crave a strong support system, the 20 Day Group Detox is the perfect haven for you. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals, all seeking healing, and embark on a shared journey towards wellness, backed by the support of our amazing community.

And for the seekers who want personalized insights and a tailored approach, our expert consultations are here to provide you with everything you need to know. Our dedicated Holistic Health Specialist is ready to delve into your unique needs, map out your personalized roadmap to healing, and unlock the keys to your vibrant, healthier future. Remember, no matter which path you choose, you're not alone – we're here to guide you every step of the way. Together, let's embrace a life filled with renewed energy, profound healing, and boundless possibilities. You've got this, and we're right here cheering you on!

I Am Experiencing Illness And Pain, What Is The Best Solution For Me?

If you're experiencing illness and pain, the best way to start your journey towards healing and wellness is through a consultation with us. 

Our dedicated Holistic Health Specialist is here to understand your unique situation, address your concerns, and guide you to the right resources that work best for your individual needs. By having a personalized consultation, we can gain valuable insights into your health and tailor a comprehensive plan specifically for you. 

Together, we'll navigate the path towards a healthier and happier you, ensuring that you receive the best possible solutions to support your well-being. Don't hesitate to book your consultation – your health is our top priority.

How Do I Become A God Body Organics Affiliate or Ambassador?

Are you passionate about health and wellness? Do you love sharing life-changing products with others? Look no further! Become a GBO Affiliate and embark on an exciting journey to promote our exceptional products while earning enticing commissions for every successful referral you make. It's time to spread the message of health and well-being with the world! Click the link below to unlock a world of possibilities as a GBO Affiliate:
[Link: GBO Affiliate Program]

God Body Organics Ambassadors are handpicked individuals who resonate with our brand's values and vision. We celebrate those who exude passion for health and wellness, embodying the very essence of our mission. As a cherished ambassador, you'll enjoy an array of exciting perks, from free gifts and exclusive discounts to special membership privileges. We are always looking out for new Ambassadors to join the community.

How Can I Join The Exclusive Holistic Genius Community Group?

To gain access to our Exclusive Holistic Genius Community Group, you can become part of our transformative journey through two avenues: by joining our 20 Day Group Detox or enrolling in our Mastermind Wellness Course. 

We've designed these experiences to provide you with comprehensive knowledge, support, and practical tools to elevate your holistic well-being. As you embark on this empowering path, you'll not only unlock the doors to our thriving community but also discover a profound connection with like-minded individuals who are committed to living their best, healthiest lives. Take the first step towards becoming a member of our Exclusive Holistic Genius Community Group today!
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