Making the world a better place is your divine right. Help us transform the paradigm.

We believe that in order to make a powerful change in the world, careful attention must be given to the way we leave the world for future generations. As you become healthier and happier using God Body Organics products and programs, the world becomes healthier and happier, too. We use portions of profits to establish a solid foundation for the future through our social sustainability and economic sustainability projects.

Social Sustainability

We partner with The Art Of Esteem - an international, non-profit organization focusing on nurturing a sense of pride, honor, and self-love in young children. Through a curriculum that focuses on developing positive self-image, understanding the difference between healthy and unhealthy communication, and activating their imagination through creative projects and meditative visualization, children learn the art of self worth. The Art of Esteem has implemented programs in Atlanta, Senegal, Ethiopia, and Jamaica. Your purchase helps support the maintenance and expansion of this groundbreaking program.

The Art Of Esteem

Sustainability Projects

For every $200 spent at God Body Organics, we plant a medicinal, fruit or herb tree that is buried with a positive affirmation for you. Each tree is planted strategically - in school grounds, family homes, and other accessible locations that help communities re-establish their connection with nature and healthy living.

As this tree grows, let it add more love and light to (your name goes here), who made this possible.