Having intentional, great tasting wellness is your divine right.

The magic behind the effectiveness of our herbal supplementation is the process. Our master herbalist gathered herbs from remote, mineral rich environments around the globe to ensure the cleanest ingredients and maximum potency.

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Before infusing herbal tonics, our master herbalist uses Medical Qigong to enhance the energy of these superior herbs. Herbs are then paired in harmony according to 5,000 year old recipes.

Qigong is the practice of cultivating vital life-force energy through breath, meditations, posture, and movement to heal the self and increase longevity.
Qi means vital life-force, which can be described as the energy that is active in all things in the universe. Gong means effort, which can be described as one’s commitment to perfecting the practice.


While herbal supplements infuse, they are structured by sound, prayer, and a chamber of crystals. On the new moon, each formula is buried in the rich fertile soil for 9 month with the intention to enhance the healing properties of the herbs. The result are powerfully intentional elixirs and supplements powered for healing and wellness.

Most Chinese herbal tonics are bitter to taste, but our process creates a harmonious, structured flavor that is deliciously addictive.

Our master herbalist has been have been harmonizing these elixirs for over 15 years.