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Meet the Founder

Greetings family, I go by the name of Brother El or Mikhael. For the last 9 years I have studied the materials of the greatest minds to walk the earth and in applying this information I now have a working understanding of how the invisible world of energy creates the material world. I’ve used this knowledge to specialize in health, technology, personal development and business development.

In other words, I use a variety of modalities to help you create your own sustainable breakthroughs in the areas of:

  1. Lifetime Holistic Wellness
  2. Peak Performance
  3. Business Development
  4. Personal Relationships
  5. Spiritual Development
  6. Early Childhood Development
  7. Community Impact and Influence

Perhaps something seems to be missing in your life, your relationship(s) or your work, I can work with you to get you doing what it is you say you want to do through helping you come into perfect alignment with it in your body, mind and spirit.  

Once the mind has experienced higher truth, it is forever expanded and as I give you the secret formula to applying the information for the goals you seek, you will experience lasting results.

My study of metaphysics, quantum mechanics, biochemistry and eastern spirituality allows me to see historically the flow of ideas and concepts that formed the beliefs that those with power chose from, which ultimately created the cultures, technologies and economies of the world.

With this vernacular, I know where we have come from, where we are now and I know where we are going as a society in the near and far future culturally, technologically and economically. With this clear moving picture in my mind I have strategically outlined and planned a few businesses for the Virgin Islands that will easily become the next multimillion dollar industries for the next 50 years and I am looking for the right partners to make them happen.

Overall, I am committed to sharing insights into health, wellness, and wholeness. I am dedicated to imparting wisdom, assisting seekers to solutions for an elevated quality of life and ultimately creating the systems that initiate positive generational lifestyle sustainability, which will engender a planet of love and light amongst people regardless of color.

My Services

Health Consultations: $100 - $250

During these sessions I’ll get to know you – who you are, what you do, your health history, your emotional patterns and your hopes for the future. After taking in all the data, I will give you resources, tools and practices in a way that makes it simple for you to incorporate them into your day to day life in order to achieve your goal and keep those results permanently. This can also be provided for large groups and businesses.

Holistic Home Remodeling Consultation: $300

In this session, I will study your home and show you how you can add elements of nature to it to turn your home into your very own healing center. Using the principles contained in feng shui, Chrome Therapy, Vibration Technology, Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Quantum Energy Machines, your home can be designed to maximize your health, longevity, professional success and even personal fulfillment.

Strategic Planning Consultations: $500

In these sessions I can advise and create plans for your business which includes but are not limited to; brand development, marketing development, sales, corporate wellness, employee training, healthy menu design, product development, health program development, and creating a culture of success. My main objective for businesses is to show you how you can capture the majority of the market through utilizing specific principles and techniques in social responsibility, brand strategies, and holistic health to create guaranteed sustainable generational lifetime customer equity while maximizing your impact on the community you serve.

My Programs

Weight-loss Removal Program 

After this program you will never have to be concerned about your weight as you will learn ALL the variables that control your body's fat levels and put the solutions to practice in a way that will allow you to create healthy addictions to the habits that keep the weight off indefinitely. This is a 3-6 month program depending on your consistency in the practices listed.

Peak Performance Program

In this program, you will learn how to maximize your performance output by making modifications to your internal and external environment and your mental practices. We will design your home and office for peak performance, teach what to eat, when to eat and how to eat for maximum efficiency as well as how to use frequency in order to change your brain state to always perform optimally in every situation you find yourself in. This is a 6 month program designed to help high achievers reach fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.

Brain Wave Training

We’ve all been there, drifting off to sleep when suddenly a solution to a problem we may not have even been thinking about suddenly presents itself. This is because as we enter sleep, both the left and right sides of our brain are in sync, and are working together. The left side supplies us with logic, while the right side generates creativity. Now, imagine if you could ‘awaken’ that alpha wave potential any time you want. I’ll show you how you can get there, on demand. This will allow you to solve problems, streamline productivity and navigate office politics easily. For me, it’s like activating a 6th sense. You will find this method to be a lot faster and more effective in a working environment than a meditative state.

My Extensive Programs

Disease Reversal Program

Contrary to popular marketed pharmaceutical propaganda the body is a self-sustaining self healing machine. If you know how it works and you give it what it needs it will cure itself. This program will enable you to reverse any disease by teaching how to take care of your body physically, mentally, emotionally and environmentally.

Life Extension Program

Every creature on earth lives 7 times their age of maturity EXCEPT human beings. Everyone has the ability to live to AT LEAST 120 years of age but because of practiced ignorance we die prematurely. In this program we will drastically enhance every aspect of your life that has an effect on your health. Your home will be remodeled and your lifestyle will be enhanced. As a result you will experience a life of pristine health which will greatly extend your life.

To get started, contact me directly at