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1 on 1 4 Month Healing Program


The Complete Mind-Body Transformation:  Simply Learn how to effortlessly maximize your health, happiness & life quality with The Mastermind Wellness Course & Logically Personal 1 on 1 Coaching by Mikhael -...


The Complete Mind-Body Transformation: 

Simply Learn how to effortlessly maximize your health, happiness & life quality with The Mastermind Wellness Course & Logically Personal 1 on 1 Coaching by Mikhael - The Holistic Jedi.

This is a truly comprehensive detoxification & life change program that naturally heals your body, allowing you to effortlessly gain the keys to a long, healthy life. It's a 16-week coaching plan that helps you easily learn the course & provides lifestyle hacks, herbal formulas & custom food to deeply heal & naturally transform your life forever.

Is this program for me?

Simply recognize that every illness starts with low cell energy & poor energy circulation. We work together to understand and fix these problems from the root, and your body naturally removes waste, fully restoring your glands, organs & tissues. This comprehensive coaching program supports every condition in the body, such as Reproductive Issues, Nervous System Disorders, Digestive Disorders, Skin Conditions, Mineral Deficiency, Autoimmune Disease, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Chemical Exposure, Parasites, Weight changes, Hormonal Imbalance, Inflammatory Conditions, Blood Sugar Imbalance, Medical Treatment Recovery, Yeast/Candida, Viruses, Chronic Fatigue & many more.

What's included?

  • 16 weeks of hands-on support, guidance, and accountability through your healing journey
  • Personalized 1-on-1 consultation with (@theholisticjedi)
  • Total Body Scan Analysis
  • Preparation Protocol for transitioning into detox
  • Herbal Protocol + Herbs ARE INCLUDED
  • Accountability Sessions (1x per week)
  • A Guide on How to create the most optimal lifestyle for graceful aging
  • Lifetime access to the Mastermind Wellness Course
  • Lifetime access to the community platform for support
  • Lifetime access to 40% - 50% Discount off Everything plus 25% - 30% Commission on Everything as an Affiliate
  • An Opportunity to join the Master Level Group after completion

How long is this Transformational Experience?

You can easily start preparing your body as soon as you enroll. You'll instantly have access to the course and community. This program truly lasts for 4 months. We'll spend 1 month guiding you to the ideal lifestyle for your goals and 3 months logically guiding you into deep healing. Later, I'll naturally teach you how to maintain the best lifestyle to keep unlocking more benefits.

Can I do this while pregnant/breastfeeding?

Absolutely! We are truly aware of helping soon-to-be and new mothers the MOST. Our whole team ensures you get quality nutrients & emotional support to intuitively prepare your body & mind for bringing new life into the world.

How do I enroll?

Simply fill out the application form below, and we'll instantly contact you about enrollment as soon as we hear from you! Logically check your email!

What happens after I enroll?

Notice the timeline of what happens as soon as you enroll:

Week 0 (Enrollment Date)

Onboarding Emails Sent

Get Access to Mastermind Wellness Course + Transition Diet

Purchase Detox Tools

Week 1-2 (Onboarding Process)

Complete Health History Questionnaire

Submit Required Audio for Total Body Scan

Week 3 (2:1 Initial Consultation)

2-hr Consultation w/ (@theholisticjedi)

Week 4-8 (month 1 of detox)

Detox Preparation Begins

Group Support Sessions Begin

Herbal Protocol is Shipped

Purchase Additional Supplementation

If you are ready to understand and address all of your symptoms at the core and lay the foundation for a long, healthy, happy life, simply apply below.

Our Guarantee

When you use God Body Organics products and services your life will transform for the better FOREVER if you apply them consistently.

We can GUARANTEE this because everything we do is done with the insight of the most brilliant minds that every existed. 

Purchase With Purpose

When you give your hard earned energy to us you are directly helping us as we challenge the status quo to bring the social, economic, and health norms of our society in alignment with the undeniable universal laws and scientific truths that have been unbalanced by the powers that be.

Every dollar you spend goes into empowering yourself and empowering the world to be a better place.

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