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Fasting Kit


Supercharge your Fasting Experience   Fasting is the most versatile healing practice that can be used to speed up your body's ability to heal itself, shred fat, boost your mood, brain...


Supercharge your Fasting Experience


Fasting is the most versatile healing practice that can be used to speed up your body's ability to heal itself, shred fat, boost your mood, brain power and even rapidly increase your muscle growth. 

This kit is designed to help you take your fasting experience to the next level by providing your body with essential nutrients to keep you nourished while providing a boost to help those organs renew themselves more efficiently. 

The Fasting Kit Includes: (30 Day Supply)

Herbal Vitamins & Minerals (100 capsules)

Super Greens (100 capsules)

Digestive System Formula (100 capsules)

Anti-Worms & Parasite (100 capsules)




Herbal Vitamins & Minerals 7:00 A.M. Take 3 capsules

Super Greens: 12:00 PM. Take 3 capsules

Digestive System Formula: 3:00 PM. Take 3 capsules

Anti-Worms & Parasite: 7:00 P.M Take 3 capsules


​​When using this kit you are free to take the formulas in the order that you feel is best for you. We encourage you to allow 2 to 3 hours in between each formula to allow each formula the time to serve its respective functions. It’s important to understand that the Super Greens should always be taken right before or with food to improve the digestion with the magnesium content. 



To get the RESULTS you are looking for we highly recommend following a raw diet with plenty of fruits and salads for the duration. Consumption of meat, refined grains, dairy, eggs, starches and refined grains will prevent you from healing yourself and should be avoided.


Note - Every single herb in this formulation is sourced carefully from organic farmers that take great care to maintain the soil quality and to ensure the herbs are potent. Additionally, each formulation is handcrafted by order to ensure premium quality so please allow for 7-21 business days for your order to be processed.


Herbal Formula Ingredients Include:


Herbal Multi-Vitamin & Mineral 

20 Organic Herbal Ingredients: Wildcrafted Sea moss, Iceland Moss, Organic Bladderwrack, Organic Moringa leaf, Organics Dulse Organic Chlorella, Organic Kelp, Shilajit, Organic Rose Hips, Organic Nettle leaf, Organic Okra, Sea Buckthorn fruit, Organic Baobab Fruit, Organic Kale Leaf, Organic Spinach Leaf, Organic Oatstraw, Organic Canary seed, Borojo Fruit, Kakadu Plum, Organic Suma Root.


Digestive System Formula

18 Organic Herbal Ingredients: Milk Thistle seed, Dandelion root, Turmeric, Boldo leaf, Fenugreek seed, Chaparral leaf, Gentian root, Oregon Grape root, Barberry bark, Quassia chips, Bupleurem, Fringetree bark, Goldenseal root, Toadflax, Agrimony, Hercampuri,  Chanca Piedra leaf and Peony root.


Super Greens

20 Organic Herbal Ingredients: Organic Moringa Leaf, Organic Alfalfa leaf, Organic Kelp, Organic Nettle leaf, Organic Spinach leaf, Parsley leaf, Organic Wheat grass, Okra; Organic Barley grass, Organic Spirulina, Organic Japanese Green Matcha leaf, Lentein, Chlorella (cracked cell wall), Organic Kale leaf and Organic Broccoli powder.


Anti-Worms & Parasite

20 Organic Herbal Ingredients: Diatomaceous Earth,  Wormwood, Black Walnut hull, MSM Sulfur, Pumpkin seed, Clove bud, Garlic bulb, Neem leaf, Quassia bark,  Epazote, Senna leaf, Cape Aloes leaf, Rue leaf, Goldenseal root, Capsicum fruit, White Oak bark, Rhubarb root, Cascara Sagrada bark, Mimosa Pudica, Agrimony and Vidanga.


GBO Disclaimer

Did you know that the pharmaceutical industry was created during World War II by a German scientist that specialized in biochemical warfare? Don’t just take our word for it look it up for yourself; just google “Pharmaceutical industry dark history." Back then, their objective was to find ways to kill people in the most traumatic way, but now its transformed into how they can create a chemical that mimics nature just enough to replace natural ingredients while making you addicted to it and ultimately a sick dependent consumer. Since our government protects its interest, literally, we must put their disclaimer on every product page to ensure we don't go to jail or get sued for using medical terminology that they’ve spent billions of dollars programming you with. We hope you do well to remember these things whenever you see it. One Love.


FDA Disclaimer

Statements made by this site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Dietary Supplements are not meant to cure, prevent, or treat any disease. The information provided here is for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice of your physician or other medical professional. By purchasing anything from, you agree to do your own research prior to using any of these dietary supplements and to not hold and God Body Organics LLC responsible for any harm that might happen to anyone, anywhere, ever.

*Results are not typical/ Results may vary.

Our Guarantee

When you use God Body Organics products and services your life will transform for the better FOREVER if you apply them consistently.

We can GUARANTEE this because everything we do is done with the insight of the most brilliant minds that every existed. 

Purchase With Purpose

When you give your hard earned energy to us you are directly helping us as we challenge the status quo to bring the social, economic, and health norms of our society in alignment with the undeniable universal laws and scientific truths that have been unbalanced by the powers that be.

Every dollar you spend goes into empowering yourself and empowering the world to be a better place.

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